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BPMN = Business Process Modeling Notation
POEM = Process Oriented Enterprise Modelling methodology. For describing business processes, roles, aretefacts and their instances.

Basic info

POEM poster

Useful links

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What does POEM stands for?

PRocess EaSY methodology.


Who are potential users of POEM method?

Quality managers, Process owners, Process designers, IT analysts, IT designers, Managers


What are potential uses of POEM?

POEM can be used for process modelling in a organization, which covers also other aspects, not only process details. For example, using POEM, organizational structure can be represented, responsibilities of roles, relations between processes, information exchange between processes, relations between business goals and KPI's and processes, process instances and so on. It can be also used to improve understandability of quality policy documentation.


Is there a relation between BPMN and POEM ?

Yes, POEM uses BPMN as its core language, but enhances it with several other notations and a process how to use it. Other notations follow BPMN syntax wherever is possible, but in some minor cases not. In such situations, UML stereotypes are used.


Are you reinventing the wheel? There are plenty of other methodologies!

As everything on this planet, the methodologies are evolving also. POEM reuses good practices from other methodologies, methods and languages and incorporates them in common framework.


Is there a tool, which supports POEM?

There is no 'real' tool. But, Visio templates and stencils are available here.



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